Things Tourists Love To Do While In Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful island nation located in South Pacific. This island nation is made up of around 300 habited and partially inhabited islands that can be said as haven on earth. A lot of tourists from around the world gather here every year to enjoy the sunny beaches and other activities that it has to offer.

This trip isn’t the best for a solo experience, as a matter of fact international travel groups can be commonly seen at beaches in Fiji.  The following are some activities you can do while you are in Fiji.


Kayaking is an elegant water sport that is very popular among the youth. You can go solo or get your mate along with you. You can get on a specially made boat called kayak and paddle your way onto open seas. There are a lot of services on every beach in Fiji that offer kayaking, make sure to experience it at least once while you are there.

fiji island picture

Get marooned on an island

If you are tired of the crowd and want to get away from all the noise and people, you should visit the islands like Mana and Navini. These small islands are pit stops for cruise and there are some lodging facilities present there as well. You can stay there for a night to get away from the entire crowd and spend some quality time with your partner or by yourself.

Deep sea diving

An island trip without deep sea diving is a waste. Fiji has a fair share of underwater beauty that comprises of vast aquatic life along with beautiful reefs.

Be A Part Of Safari – Explore A Place Through A Different Point Of View

ballon safari twilight
Most of the time people like to spend their holidays by living closer to nature as it provides tranquility and helps them to get rid of excessive stress. Vast number of nature lovers visit East Africa year around to be a part of different types of safaris. If you are planning for an exotic holiday with your family or friends then it is advised to go for the best East Africa safari.

Different types of safaris

Bird Safari

The bird safari provides you an opportunity to see some of the most exotic and endangered species of birds. Touring guides will help you to snap beautiful pictures of birds which would make your trip memorable. This bird watching safari is considered as the best for ornithologists.

Camp safari

With the help of camping safari, you will be able to get a wide range of facilities under one roof. You will be given luxury bedding, well carpeted floor, ceiling fan, night lamp, book rack, sofa, table etc. You can also order a wide range of food items and drinks, plus camp safari will also give you an opportunity to explore the natural habitat of animals through a completely different point of view. Camp safari is considered as the best for adventurous people

Lodge safari

You will be able to get great hotels with swimming pool, room service, catering services etc. It is considered as one of the best safari options which you can avail with your family. Lodge safaris are considered as the best for family as they provide genuine comfort along with ultimate fun.